December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 46th Birthday! I always have to remember what year I was born and subtract from the current year, a ton of work, but I do it every year!

Weston and Garrett took me out for "My Choice" lunch and a movie. I choose Happy Sumo, yum, yum. We shoveled snow before we went to the restaurant. It is very pretty, but what a pain. Mike had already shoveled before he went to work. We drove 30 mph all the way to north Provo.

For the movie, I chose Twilight. Yes, my boys (21 and 18) gladly went with me. They did not complain or whine. And of course, I told them they liked it. This was the second time I had seen it and I still loved it. I was excited to talk to them about it after. Oh yeah, I had to go find the manager of the theatre because at twenty past the hour the movie had not started. It was supposed to start at the top of the hour. He apologized and said he would not play the previews which he did not.

The boys wouldn't stop after the movie for me to find a big Twilight poster to take a Kodak moment. So I don't have a picture to prove we went.

December 21, 2008

Family Christmas Party

Santa was a hit! But the white elephants were even better!

Now, there is of course a story behind these last two pictures.
Mom lost a crown a few months ago and we composed a picture to send to my sister in Puerto Rico. Mom thought I sent this picture to the whole world. That is not true. I tried, but the camera phone wouldn't let me send it to more than 25 people. Anyway, it did not get sent by me. Then of course Mom thought I was the master mind behind this white elephant framed photo of her. I only wish I were related to someone who was intelligent enough to think of doing that for a great gift idea! I sure hope this resurfaces next year. I've got my eye on it.

December 06, 2008

We are visiting Colb & Whit in 29 Palms. We stumbled onto an airshow and Pearl Harbor Commemoration today in Palm Springs. What a treat. Gun fights and airplane shows above our heads! Too much good food! Colb made some steaks, augratin potatoes, and beans for dinner. Whit looks cute as a button.

November 23, 2008

Twilight, the movie.

My expectations were low, I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment. Can I tell you I loved it! I went with my Mother, Sister, one niece and her friend. The theatre was silent. There were sparkles in the air. The theatre was packed and we had stood in line one hour early to pick our seat. (No pun intended.) I am easily entertained and was mesmerized by the character portrayals and the special effects and scenery. I haven't read the books for quite sometime and rarely re-read things....but I may consider starting over again. I know there was a lot left out but those can just be our special secrets. If they could have put everything in it would more likely have been a mini-series or an afternoon soap opera. I plan to see it again, hopefully take my husband.

With that all said, I have talked to a lot of people who did not enjoy the film. Their theatres were uncomfortable and loud. I feel bad for them and would tell them to maybe plan to go again and take someone different to see if their take on the whole thing changes.
I wish I were a Vampire.

November 17, 2008

Happy 24th Colby! You did the greatest Erkel! Love You More....Mom

November 08, 2008

Fall is the most beautiful time of year! I love to see the leaves fall from the trees and make piles around the yard. I can hear the leaves crackle under my feet as I walk and kick them around. What amazing colors nature makes.

November 02, 2008

Navajo Sister

We made a quick trip to Gallup New Mexico. It was good to see Helen again and meet her children, sisters, brother, and all the family... She has many good friends and although very sad at the loss of her eldest son she seemed to be holding up. The brothers and sisters wore blue bandanna's on their heads to honor their brother. We ate at a luncheon at the Chapter House. We had chicken, turkey, pistachio and potato salads, and mutton soup. This was all served to us by the young girls of the family. People introduced themselves to us and made conversation with us.

October 27, 2008

October 21, 2008

Tried to ignore it, but I got tagged.

2 names I go by: Mom/Chris, Nurse Educator
2 things I am wearing: Scrubs/Crocks
2 things I want right now: Healthy Baby/ Children with Drive
2 things I did last night: Made refried beans/ Visited with lots of family
2 things I ate today: Taco's/ Shredded Pork
2 favorite drinks: Pepsi/ Pepsi
Fun tag, quick and easy!

Ok now I tag Laura A., Laura T., Jean D. then you tag 3 people.

October 19, 2008

A fun Saturday Lunch.

We were waiting to turn the corner at the light and what to our wonderous eyes did appear but three very special aunts crossing the street to the chosen restaurant for lunch. We laughed over the lunch conversation of savings stamps, bibs, mansions, recipes, cell phones, and loved ones. What a treat we had to get a special date with these three. I do consider it a special date with my sisters and mom also!

October 05, 2008

Monument Dedication

Mapleton City dedicated a monument to the Gulf, Iraq, and Afghanistan conflict Veterans. It was a very nice dedication. Each veteran who was there stated where they served and spoke a bit about their family or what ever they wanted. Whitney gave Colby's history and spoke for us. It touches my heart that so many people genuinely are grateful for the service our young and old give for their benefit. I too am grateful to my son for his willingness to serve for me and my country. Thank you Colby! And thank you Mapleton City for your thoughtful donation.

September 14, 2008

The "Maid's Box"

I posted this note on a basket in my kitchen with several items that had been left under my feet and fingers for days-laid inside it.

"This is the maid's box. Since we do not have the means to hire a maid I will not, but there will me a maid coming through the house on a daily basis. If you would like to use her services, that is fine. But she is not free, she does not accept debit or credit cards, cash or extensions. If she picks up some of your stuff, she will place it in this box. Then it will cost you to get it out. She will decide what can be done by you to reclaim it. "

I don't think I have picked up more than 5 items in the past 2 weeks.

Sometimes mom's have to be creative!

My boys asked if I had gotten this off the internet.....................I told them no.....But thought I would now post it! Tee hee hee.

Garrett 18
Weston 21

Did you think they would be three years old?

September 12, 2008

August 29, 2008

Online scrapbooking

A friend at work showed me this online scrapbooking. It is amazing! They actually print the books for you or just scrapbooking pages.

Caramel Dumplings

1 cup boiling water
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 tablespoon butter
Bring to boil.

5-6 heaping tablespoons Bisquick
1 tablespoon sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
and enough milk to make a stiff dough.

Drop dumplings into boiling sauce and cover.
Cook until dumplings are done (not doughy).
Best served hot and with a little ice cream your choice.
Mom likes maple nut. Or cool whip.

You kids loved this, it was given to me years ago by Aunt Anna Mae Shell.

August 20, 2008

Cocoa Fudge

In a heavy sauce pan mix:
3 cups sugar
1/2 cup cocoa
1/4 teaspoon cream of tarter

Mix well, stir in
1 1/2 cups milk
pinch of salt

Place on high heat stir until mixture boils.
Turn to medium low.
Cook to the mark just below softball stage.

Take off heat and add
1/2 cup margarine
1 teaspoon vanilla

Place pan in cold water bath. Do not stir!
Let stand 15 to 20 minutes.
Then stir until thick.
Pour into buttered dish.

This is amazing when my Mom makes it! (isn't everything)

No Bake Cookies

Bring to boil until all sugar is melted then remove from heat.
2 cups sugar
1/2 cup milk
1/2 cup margarine
1/2 teaspoon salt
4 tablespoons cocoa

3 cups quick oatmeal
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup coconut

Drop tablespoon size mounds on waxed paper, cool one hour.

Pistachio Salad

Mix in following order
1 can crushed pineapple
1 box dry pistachio instant pudding mix
1 large cool whip
1 bag miniature marshmallows


Wonton Salad

1 head lettuce
2 bunches green onion
15 wontons, cut with scissors into 3 strips each, fry in oil, very light brown.
2 chicken breasts, boil and break apart.

Just before serving cover with the following dressing.
3 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
1/2 teaspoon pepper
1/4 cup oil
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sesame seeds
1/2 teaspoon MSG

Peanut Butter Fingers

3/4 cup butter
3/4 cup sugar
3/4 cup packed brown sugar
1 egg
3/4 cup peanut butter
3/4 teaspoon soda
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Mix all ingredients and stir in 1 1/2 cups flour and 1 1/2 cups rolled oats.
Bake at 325 degrees for 8-10 minutes.
Do not over bake.


As soon as the fingers come out of the oven, put 16 ounces chocolate chips on top. Let them melt then spread them around.

Frosting Mix
3/4 cup peanut butter
2-4 teaspoons milk
1 cup powdered sugar

Makes one cookie sheet

Special Bean Dip

1st layer
1 can refried beans (large)
1/4 cup chopped onion
1/4 cup salsa
(Spread on bottom of 9 x 11 pan)
2nd layer
3 medium avocado's (or use prepared guacamole)
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon pepper
2 tablespoon lemon juice (keeps avocado's from turning brown)
3rd layer
1 large carton sour cream
1/2 cup mayonnaise
1/4 package taco seasoning mix

Cover with 1 small can diced olives, 2 diced tomatoes, 1 cup grated cheese

Delicious Sunbeam Rolls/ Cinnamon Rolls

Delicious Sunbeam Rolls/ Cinnamon Rolls

1 cup milk
1/2 cup butter
1/2 cup sugar
3 whole eggs
1 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons yeast
4 1/2 to 5 cups flour

Dissolve yeast in 1/4 cup water with 1 tablespoon sugar.
Scald milk--do not boil.
Melt butter, add sugar and salt into large bowl, add eggs.
Place in mixer and add 2 cups flour continuing to beat until mixed.
Add yeast, let beat 4-5 minutes.
Add remainder of flour.
Let raise til double in bulk.
Push down and let raise again.
Roll out dough.
Cut in circles for rolls. Fold rolls and dip in melted butter before baking.

For cinnamon rolls, roll out dough and layer with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon. Roll into a roll and cut into cinnamon rolls.

Bake 350-375 degrees for 12 to 15 minutes (ovens vary)

July 31, 2008


Heat griddle

Mix until blended but still lumpy

1 cup flour
1 cup milk
1 egg
1/3 cup vegetable oil
1 tablespoon sugar
2 teaspoons baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt

Pour about 1/4 cup batter on lightly greased griddle. Cook until bubbles are breaking on top, flip over and cook other side until golden brown.

French Toast

Heat vegetable oil in frying pan to 375 degrees


1 cup flour
1/2 teaspoon baking powder
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 cup milk
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon vanilla

Cut in halves several slices Texas Style Bread

Dip bread in batter and turn to cover

Drop bread in hot oil and fry underside until golden
Turn bread over and fry opposite side until golden

Drain on paper towels

melt butter on top and cover with syrup

Enjoy, Donated by my friend Jackie Bulow

Maple syrup

Boil 2 minutes

2 tablespoons water
1/4 cup sugar
1 1/2 cups corn syrup
1/2 teaspoon mapleine

Thickens as it cools

Broccoli Salad

cut up and mix in large bowl
2 large heads broccoli
2 stalks green onion
1 package pre-cooked bacon

mix in blender
2 cups mayonnaise
2 cups grated swiss cheese
1/2 cup sugar
4 tablespoons red wine vinegar

Pour dressing over salad just prior to serving and mix

Frozen icecream dessert

Mix together

60 Townhouse or Ritz crackers crushed
1/2 cup melted butter
spread 1/2 mixture in 9 x 13 pan
reserve second half for the top

Whip until stiff
2 small packages instant coconut pudding
1 1/2 cups milk

Fold in 1 quart softened icecream
Pour over crackers

1 8 ounce package coolwhip over icecream mixture

Top with reserved cracker mixture
1/4 cup chopped nuts


Candied Corn Pops

Boil for 2 minutes
1 3/4 cups white sugar
1/2 cup white karo syrup
2 cubes butter (1 cup)

Let mixture sit for 1 minute.
Add 1 teaspoon vanilla and cool for 5 minutes.

Pour over 2 bags of corn pops

Bread Sticks

2 cups warm water
1 tablespoon quick rise yeast
2 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons salt
5-6 cups flour
Let rise until double or triple in size.
Knead and spread into baking sheet.
Let rise again.
1/4 cup melted butter
1/4 cup mayonnaise
1/4 cup parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon garlic salt
1/4 teaspoon parsley
Spread on to of dough.
Bake in pre-heated 375 degree oven for 12 minutes.

Tomatillo Dressing

1 buttermilk ranch dressing packet (mix this up as per packet instructions)
2 tomatilos (tomatoe like vegetable with a husk, the come canned or fresh)
1/2 bunch cilantro
1 clove garlic
juice of 1 lime
1 jalapeno (use the seeds too, if you like it spicy. You could substitute a few drops of gren tobasco)
Use food processor to blend all the ingredients well, my blender worked well.

Cheese Ball

two 8 ounce cream cheese softened
1 jar old english cheese spread
1 can small deveined shrimp
2 tablespoons lemon juice
1 tablespoon parsley
1/2 teaspoon onion salt
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt
1 cup sharp cheese grated
1/2 cup nuts of your choice

Mix all ingredients together and refrigerate to harden.
Spread on crackers of your choice.

Chicken Casserole

2 cups canned chicken
2 cups chopped celery
2 cups cooked rice
1 1/2 cups mayonnaise
2 teaspoons lemon juice
1 can sliced water chestnuts
6 hard boiled chopped eggs
2 cans cream of chicken soup
2 teaspoons chopped onion
1 cup slivered olmonds

Mix ingredients. Bake at 375 degrees for 20 minutes.
Sprinkle crushed potatoe chips on top and bake 10 minutes longer.

July 08, 2008

Texas Chocolate Cake

Bring to boil

2 cubes margarine
1 cup water
4 tablespoons cocoa

pour over

2 cups sugar
2 cups flour plus 2 tablespoons
Beat well.

Add 2 eggs one at a time.

Then add
1 teaspoon soda
1 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 cup buttermilk or regular milk
Beat well.

Pour into greased baking sheet 11 x 17, and bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes.

Ice while warm.

Spinach Craisin Salad

Toss together

1 bag baby spinach
1 bag lettuce
slivered almonds

Place in blender or mix

3 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons sugar
1/4 cup oil
dash pepper
1 teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sesame seeds

Drizzle over lettuces and enjoy right away!

Black Bean Corn Salsa

1 can black beans-rinsed
1 can shopeg (white) corn-drained
2-3 diced roma tomatoes
Chopped cilantro-to taste
1-2 cubed avocados
2-3 cloves finely chopped garlic
juice from 1 lime
1/2 cup Italian Dressing

Mix and enjoy with chips

Caramel Brownies


chocolate cake mix
1/2 cup canned milk
1/2 cup melted butter or margarine
4 ounce pecan gems

Spread 1/2 the mixture in a 9 x 12 pan
Bake at 350 degrees for 6 minutes and remove from oven.

Sprinkle 1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips on top of mixture.

Unwrap 50 caramels and place in microwave safe bowl.
Cover with 1/3 cup canned milk and microwave. Stir every 30 seconds until mixture is melted and mixed together.
Pour over chocolate chips.

Drop remaining cake mixture by spoonfuls over chocolate chips.

Bake 15 to 18 minutes at 350 degrees.
Let stand 2 to 3 hours before cutting.

My favorite!

July 06, 2008

Spaghetti Salad

1 pound spaghetti

1 large bottle Italian Dressing
1/2 bottle Salad Supreme (spice section)

Cut into bite size pieces/slices:
radishes, celery carrots, onions, green peppers, mushrooms, olives and any of your favorite veggies.

Cook spaghetti, drain and rinse.
Put in large bowl and marinate overnight in Italian Dressing (I use Zesty Italian)
Add veggies before serving.

This salad is very good warm also. You can throw everything together and eat it right away!

Soft Sugar Cookies

1 cup butter or margarine

1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
3 cups flour
1/2 teaspoon soda
1/2 teaspoon baking powder

Cream together butter, sugar, eggs and vanilla.
Add dry ingredients.
Chill throughly
Rollout on floured surface, thick.
Using cookie cutter, cut cookies.
Bake on ungreased cookie sheet (or parchment paper)
375 degrees for 6-8 minutes.
Do not allow cookies to turn brown.

Mix with hand mixer
1/4 cup melted margarine
4 tablespoons milk
1 teaspoon vanilla

powdered sugar to desired consistency of icing.
Add food coloring.

July 02, 2008

Ranch type Dressing

2 cups buttermilk
2 cups mayonnaise
1/4 teaspoon garlic powder
1 1/4 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon onion salt
1 teaspoon dried parsly
1/4 teaspoon pepper
4 0z cream cheese

Place cream cheese (room temperature) and mayonnaise together in a blender and mix.
Add spices and blend them in. Add the buttermilk and continue to blend.

Your family will ask for this all the time.

Recipe from a Trip to Lake Powell. Thanks Jan!

Summer Slush

3 oz package Cherry Jello

1 cup hot water
3 cups cold water
12 0z can frozen lemonade concentrate
46 oz can pineapple juice
2 cups sugar
2 to 3 liters Sprite

Dissolve jello in hot water.
Add everything else except Sprite.
Freeze for 6 hours.
Add Sprite just prior to serving.

I like to put this in a punch bowl and pour the sprite over it. I chop off edges of the slush and place in glasses.

This will be the hit of the shower!

I do not know where this recipe came from.

Broccoli Salad

2 large heads of broccoli, cut stalks off broccoli and discard, break broccoli into bite size pieces.
1 bunch green onion sliced
1 package pre-cooked bacon, cut with scissors into bite size pieces

Place the following in a blender
1 cup mayonnaise
1 cup grated swiss cheese
1/4 cup sugar
2 tablespoons red wine vinegar
Blend till smooth.
(dressing is good if doubled)

Pour dressing over broccoli mixture just prior to serving.

Most people cannot guess there are swiss cheese and sugar in this salad.

This recipe came from the nurses on 7th floor.

Chocolate Chip Cookie

(I love my Kitchen Aid mixer!)
1 cup packed brown sugar
1/2 cup white sugar
2 eggs
1 cup butter flavor Crisco
1 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
1/2 teaspoon baking soda
1/2 teaspoon salt

Then Add
2 1/2 cups flour and mix
Then Add
1 1/2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips

Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees.
Roll approx. 2 tablespoons dough into a ball and place on parchment paper covered cookie sheet.
Bake for 8, 9, or 10 minutes. When the edges turn barely brown, the cookies are done.
Cool and enjoy.

This is another recipe from my hubby's Mom (of course I tweaked it a bit)

Double the batch and freeze half of the dough. Pull it out and cut into chunks then bake. You may need to adjust the baking time or temperature for frozen dough.


Whisk together

2 cups 7-up (or other soda pop)
1 cup soy sauce
1 cup peanut oil
1/4 teaspoon dry horseradish
(this is hard to find, my bottle says Grandma's Country Foods, if you can't find it leave it out or use a paste)
1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

Add 1 bag frozen chicken breasts
I place this mixture in a sealed tupperware container and refrigerate it for 24 hours.
Shake it up every once in a while to redistribute the good stuff.

I love to heat up the barbeque, let the marinate drip off the chicken and then barbeque to your hearts content. Refrigerate the left overs and enjoy them later.

This works great on Turkey also.

I believe this recipe came from the Turkey farmers down south........... Not sure..

Yummy Potatoes

or as we thoughtfully refer to them at my house
"Funeral Potatoes"

Heat 1/4 cup margarine over medium heat
2 cans cream of chicken soup
Then add
1 pint sour cream
1/2 teaspoon salt
1 1/2 cups grated cheese
Take off heat and pour over
2 bags (26 oz each) shredded frozen hashbrowns and mix.

Place mixture in 9 x 13 and 8 x 8 pan.
Bake uncovered at 350 degrees for 1 to 1 1/2 hours.

I have had these with chopped up green onion mixed in and mashed corn flakes mixed with a little melted butter on top and this is yummy too.

The thanks on this one goes to My Mom, Verla, she makes everything look easy!

Alfredo Sauce

1 cube butter
melt in a saucepan over medium heat
3/4 cup milk
and wisk
add 3/4 cup grated parmesan cheese
and wisk
8 oz cream cheese (cut up in squares)
and you got it, wisk
1/4 teaspoon garlic salt or garlic powder
if you added garlic powder add 1/4 teaspoon salt for flavor
1/4 teaspoon parsley flakes for color

Take off heat, do not allow simmer too long or it will burn.

This is great over any of your favorite noodles. Leftovers can be warmed and add milk to thin it out again.

Don't forget the Lactaid and enjoy!

This recipe comes from a buddy at work, Mel Thanks!

June 29, 2008


I always crave sweets on Sunday!
Just lucky to have a pint of cream in the fridge!

Mix in heavy saucepan: I have doubled this recipe and have more to enjoy!
1 cup heavy cream mixed with 1/2 cup milk (reserve 3/4 cup of mixture for later)
1/2 cup granulated sugar
1/2 cup packed light-brown sugar
3/4 cup light corn syrup
dash of salt
Bring to boil over medium heat, stirring to dissolve sugars.
Set candy thermometer in pan and cook syrup, stirring occasionally, to 234 degrees (soft ball stage for those of you who know how to test in cool water.)
Very slowly stir in remaining 3/4 cup mixture. I dribble this in very slowly over several minutes trying to maintain a rolling boil.
Cook, stirring occasionally, to 244 degrees (firm ball stage.)

Remove from heat and stir in:
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons butter or margarine
Pour into greased square pan. Cool completely at room temperature.
You may then turn out of pan onto board. Using scissors dipped in hot water, cut pieces or squares. Wrap each piece in plastic wrap. Store airtight in a cool dry place.

If you cook longer than to 244 degrees the caramel may burn. It will also get harder when it cools. If you would like a topping for sundaes you may remove caramel from heat a few degrees prior to 244.

I love this recipe! It was given to me from my hubby's mother!

June 28, 2008

First Day......

Today I am figuring out how to blog.  
Will blogging be boring, benign, basic, blah, bearable, or flat out fun?