February 24, 2011

Tortilla Quiche

I am a foodie blogger.......BA HA HA, did I just say that out loud?  My hubby thinks it's funny when I pull out  my camera and snap pictures of bacon cooking and I just blow it off as perfectly normal.  But I just had to do it when I was making this tortilla quiche.  I knew it would be great!  Not really, but it was tasty and crunchy and I liked it.  

First, I sprayed the muffin tin with a non-stick spray (I wish I had sprayed it better because some of the quiche stuck to the bottom).  
Turn your oven on, 350 degrees will do to preheat. 

Pour a couple tablespoons olive oil into a frying pan and dump in the mushrooms, yum.
Sprinkle the mushrooms with course seasalt, mix them around and let them cook.

Crack several eggs (I used 6) and add a few tablespoons of cream (milk will do).  Whip them up.

I sliced a few green onions for each muffin tin.

Cooked up a bit of bacon.  
Just dumped it in, yep and stirred it around, and it cooked.
A friend of mine adds a bit of flour to her breakfast casserole and it seems to hold the whole thing together so add a couple teaspoons and whip it in.

Cut flour shells in fourths and place them over boiling water to soften.

I use a splatter screen over an inch or two of boiling water.
They mold very well when placed straight into the muffin tins.

Pour a bit of the mixture over each of the flour shell quarters.

Top with  bits of bacon, mushrooms, green onion and what ever else sounds good and looks pretty!

Pop them in the oven and cook until egg mixture does not look wet when checked.  This was about 20 minutes for me.

Serve right away!  

These were really good.  They won't take as long to make next time because I won't have a camera in one hand, LOL!