August 27, 2011

Kiley's Bridal Shower

Kiley and Janna (Kiley's Mom)
Three very pretty girls!

Laura, Ashton and Kiley with her Bride banner.

What would we have done without the seamstress, Jackie?

Jean and Savannah came to make it a real party.

Grandma Thompson posed for a picture.

Her veil kept catching her eyelashes so she couldn't keep her eyes open.

Couldn't resist the side view of Kiley trying to drink with the veil in place.

Susan tried to smile, she had a huge migraine.

This is always a pretty picture, Kathy and her girls have great smiles.

They even let the groom join.  After Jackie made him a proper tux.

So many of my neighbors came to support us.  We have the best neighborhood!

Aunt Pat did not get an invitation but crashed the party anyway.  We love her.  I finally got her address right, I think.

The dorky couple.

Jackie had to jump in again.  She had to show off those beautiful teeth.  Was she the only one who got braces?  Aunt Jean and Aunt Mae were good sports.  

Aunt Donna turned 90 earlier this year.  She stumbled over the step from the kitchen into the family room.  I thought she was going to spill her drink (among other bad thoughts) but she gracefully passed it off like nothing had happened.  Eat your heart out Nancy Regan.

Rebecca and her daughter look so much alike.

We love Tracy!  Thanks for bringing those pretty girls.

Once again, those great teeth.  Think I'm jealous Jackie?  We had to retake this one in between Jackie's snorts.  Brooklyn has a great Mom.

Whitney is such a great daughter in law!  Her and Kiley will have a great time.  Thanks for joining our rowdy group Chris.

And last but not least, Me and Kiley.  I am sure we didn't get a picture of everyone who attended.  I am already seeing some we missed.  They are sneaky buggers, my family.

Duck Feeding

Grandpa & Brixton feeding the ducks.  The ducks come  very close.  Grandpa had to pick up Brix so he wouldn't get eaten.  
Brix must have been hungry because he ate more of the bread than he threw to the ducks.

He wanted to hang from the tree until he found out there was slime on the branches and got his hands dirty.

We had a great time!