November 23, 2008

Twilight, the movie.

My expectations were low, I didn't want to set myself up for disappointment. Can I tell you I loved it! I went with my Mother, Sister, one niece and her friend. The theatre was silent. There were sparkles in the air. The theatre was packed and we had stood in line one hour early to pick our seat. (No pun intended.) I am easily entertained and was mesmerized by the character portrayals and the special effects and scenery. I haven't read the books for quite sometime and rarely re-read things....but I may consider starting over again. I know there was a lot left out but those can just be our special secrets. If they could have put everything in it would more likely have been a mini-series or an afternoon soap opera. I plan to see it again, hopefully take my husband.

With that all said, I have talked to a lot of people who did not enjoy the film. Their theatres were uncomfortable and loud. I feel bad for them and would tell them to maybe plan to go again and take someone different to see if their take on the whole thing changes.
I wish I were a Vampire.