March 06, 2011

Wall hanging "Thompson"

For this project, I bought a frame for each letter.  I had to take the frames apart because I only needed the glass and outer frame.  I bought the frames at Hobby Lobby at 50% off.  

Somehow I had to secure the glass inside the frame so it wouldn't fall out when they were upright.  The glass doesn't stay put when you take out the cardboard backing.

So I got out the glue gun of course.  I put lots and lots of glue on the inside of the frame at the edge of the glass.  When I went to put together the whole thing, I found out there was too much glue and I could see it from the outside of the frame.  I had to go buy an exacto knife and carefully cut off the excess glue.  I hoped I would not cut my fingers but I am a danger to myself and can not be trusted.

I lined up the frames planning how they would look.  

The planning didn't do a thing because the end product turned out to be this.

I needed the corner hooks off all the frames backs which I had removed so I got out the needle nose pliers and pulled the corner hooks off of each one.  I proceeded to hot glue these to the corners of my frames.  Burned my fingers a few times.  I cut the ribbon and drug it through the corner hooks behind the top of the frame and tied them on the rod. 

I may change the ribbon and the heights of each letter ... when my back stops hurting.  
I really love it!


seesuerun said...

I LOVE IT!!! All caps on purpose!