January 18, 2011

Kitchen Botox: Can't afford the full face lift just now.

BEFORE; doesn't look too bad.

Darn stuff comes off in layers.

A very good neighbor lent us a few items to help with the project.

Messy, messy, messy.

All of the wall paper is off!  
I wanted to show you the color scheme and my inspiration to change things up a bit.

I don't know if the colors come across but I think they are warm and make me feel good.  The canisters are already full from different odds and ends in my kitchen.  I have two more metal pieces to go with these and an idea for frames hanging from an iron rod with colored ribbon (the colors of the canisters) of course.  I want vinyl letters in the frames (all different fonts) that spell Thompson.

Now I need to take the hardware off the cabinets and get out the scrub brush to clean them then comes the paint.  If,  I can decide on colors.


Netter said...

I looks like it will be amazing like everything that you do to your house!! Come on over to mine next!!

Whitney said...

Yahhh I'm excited to see the new kitchen when we come up!!!

Kristin Damon - Author said...

Chris - I'm so glad I found your blog and I can't wait to see photos of your new kitchen. I LOVE the new colors. They are very nice!