November 26, 2010

Steve and Laura, 
what a cute couple!

November 14, 2010

Marine Ball 2010

Colby and Whitney invited us to attend the Marine Ball with them! So much fun!

November 12, 2010

November 09, 2010

October 31, 2010

Cutest piggy bank kid ever!

Temple Day!

October 22, 2010

I love Photoshop!

I just completed a class on basic Photoshop through community education. I learned a ton! Each and every button was explained to me and then we used them. I am a step or two further than I was before the class because I keep having senior moments and forget what I learned. I need a new hard drive in my head.

October 17, 2010


The best little boy!
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September 03, 2010

Me and Mike!

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Colby, Whitney, and Brixton

We took a drive over to a Pioneer Town in Yucca and they had the greatest backdrops for pictures! If only Brixton would hold still, he wants to run all the time.
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August 15, 2010

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Susan and David
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Where are the keys?
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Wheelbarrell races!
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Brix spraying Kiley
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Brixton sharing his popsicle with Grandpa.
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April 29, 2010

April 04, 2010

Grandpa hung me a swing!
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Big Boy!

He is getting soooooo BIG!
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April 01, 2010

March 08, 2010

New Nephew!

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February 28, 2010

Today is a better day!

February 24, 2010

Up and walking! Can you believe it? 4-5 hours post op back fusion (several levels).

Pre-surgery photo....she must hate me now. LOL