December 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Today is my 46th Birthday! I always have to remember what year I was born and subtract from the current year, a ton of work, but I do it every year!

Weston and Garrett took me out for "My Choice" lunch and a movie. I choose Happy Sumo, yum, yum. We shoveled snow before we went to the restaurant. It is very pretty, but what a pain. Mike had already shoveled before he went to work. We drove 30 mph all the way to north Provo.

For the movie, I chose Twilight. Yes, my boys (21 and 18) gladly went with me. They did not complain or whine. And of course, I told them they liked it. This was the second time I had seen it and I still loved it. I was excited to talk to them about it after. Oh yeah, I had to go find the manager of the theatre because at twenty past the hour the movie had not started. It was supposed to start at the top of the hour. He apologized and said he would not play the previews which he did not.

The boys wouldn't stop after the movie for me to find a big Twilight poster to take a Kodak moment. So I don't have a picture to prove we went.


Netter said...

Happy Birthday Sister!! but I am sure you are not 46 becasue you are only 10 years older than me and I am only 26!!!!

seesuerun said...

Happy Birthday Chris!!! I hope that it was a good one. What sweet boys! Man, talk about prepared for husbandhood.

Jackie said...

Happy Birthday!!!