September 04, 2009

Love this photo!
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First Hair Cut!

August 30, 2009

I invited Mike on a Lava Hot Springs get away........And did we ever get away!
It felt like we went to another country or into a haunted movie set......
The hot tubs look really great in this photo, sometimes pictures look better than the real thing. Did you know that? Kinda like the online photo's looked better than the real thing.
This is the sitting room.
Could you sit with this above your head?
Or this above your head? Can you believe the purple couch?

It was really fun to have the skeleton keys to open the door to our room but if you have ever seen how a skeleton key works they are skin and bones. We had to lock the door when we left and when we came inside. If we would have been in a huge hurry, we could have just leaned against the door and popped it open. We had an old style window/vent above the door with real cobwebs. We had a jacuzzi tub and a toilet in our room....I mean in our room, but the people across the hall shared a bathroom with the rest of the people across and down the hall.
Don't get me wrong, we did have a great time.
We ate at a restaurant down the road and played Bingo (while we ate). I won the first Bingo and they handed me $7.00. Then I won the next Bingo and they handed me $11.oo. That was fun. I won a total of 3 Bingo's which paid for playing Bingo. They donate the money back to the community and do a lot of great things.

Next time I think Little America sounds great! But if you would like to stay in an old converted haunted hospital..........Stay here.